Transcript Submission Instructions

The Andrew Young School of Policy studies uses a completely online application process. All applicants must submit copies of transcripts online from each post-secondary college/university attended by the deadline for all applications.

Requirements for submitting copies of official transcripts for admissions review process:

  • Submit one copy of transcripts (online) from each post-secondary institution attended, including community colleges, study abroad programs, and AP credit.
    • If you received college level credit, a transcript should be submitted for review, regardless of length of time you attended, whether grades are listed, or where your final degree(s) were received.
  • Submissions must be copies of university transcripts uploaded directly to your application in the Academic History section of the application.  Copies of the following are acceptable:
    •  A hard-copy (paper) official transcript that you scan and upload.
    • Some universities issue electronic transcripts that you can save and upload.
  • Copies of university transcripts must include:
    • One or more of the following features: registrar’s seal, registrar’s signature, or watermark of the institution.
    • Your name and the institution’s name.
    • Degree and date conferred if from institutions granting a degree.
    • Your current term of study if you are currently enrolled in a degree program.
    • If the degree is listed on a separate diploma or degree certificate page, that will need to be uploaded as well.
    • All pages of transcript that are complete, legible, and with grades clearly listed.
    • Notarized translation with the original document if not in English.
  • International Credentials:
    • International transcripts must be in English and include mark sheets and course listing with grades, degree certification, and the signature of the Registrar.
    • If the institution does not provide an English translation, a copy of a certified English translation must be attached at the end of the scanned copy of the original transcript.
  • The following documents are not accepted.  Uploading these documents will significantly delay the review of your application:
    • Self-printed academic histories
    • Web-based academic evaluations
    • Anything hand-written
    • Documents that are password-protected or contain macros
    • Unclear, illegible copies

Instructions to submit transcripts:

We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions based on any criteria listed here or that would hinder application review.  If you experience any difficulties, please contact