Municipal Securities Laboratory

For GSU faculty, researchers, and students, the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies now offers access to over 3.5 million U.S. Municipal Securities through the Municipal Securities Laboratory, headed by Professor Bart Hildreth. Very few schools offer access to this wealth of data, which offers many opportunities for fruitful research.

  • Provides granular 1nformation on the primary municipal securities market from 1958 through 2017
  • Daily updates available for 2015 and 2016

Data Details:

1) Historical Transaction Data

  • Interdealer and Customer trades from 1995 through 2015

2) Short-term Obligation Rate Transparency (SHORT) from 2009

  • Municipal Auction Rate Securities (ARS) from 2005 through 2015
  • Municipal Variable Rate Demand Obligations (VDRO) from 2005 through 2015

3) New (2017) Academic Historical Research Data

  • Transaction-level data with anonymized dealer identifiers from 2005 through 2016

Data Details:

  • Provides real-time and historical data on various markets, including the primary and secondary municipal bond markets
  • Terminal location: Andrew Young School, 3rd floor
  • Managed by Robinson College of Business – Georgia State University

Data Details:

  • Borrowing cost data for Competitive Municipal Bond Issues from 2000 through 2016

Data Details:

  • Universally accepted standard for classifying and identifying financial instruments across institutions and exchanges worldwide
  • Required for access to all of the databases listed above
  • Repository for Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) data
  • Limited public access at
These database (except EMMA) live on a secure university server with limited access. For access to data, please contact Konul Amrahova ( Available to current faculty, staff, and students only.

Funding for these resources is provided from the GSU Student Technology Fee and internal resources of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.