Faculty and students work together to find public policy and management solutions


Our school is defined by our evidence-based, data-driven approach to policy research across a unique grouping of disciplines,
that inform collaborations across the university to address complex public policy and management problems and issues.
Our research centers foster collaboration among world-class scholars whose complementary work generates new thinking
and revealing insights into global policy issues.

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International Development in Ghana

Atlanta Research Data Center

Providing qualified researchers in the Southeast with the opportunity to perform statistical analysis on non-public Census microdata.
American money

Center for State and Local Finance

Developing the people and ideas for next generation public finance. 

Experimental Economics Center

Promoting the development and application of economics and related academic disciplines as empirical social science.

Fiscal Research Center

A non-partisan academic think tank that leverages the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies’ public finance expertise to assist Georgia’s state and local policy-makers on questions of tax and economic policy.
AYSPS group giving presentation with the Vis Wall

Georgia Health Policy Center

Providing evidence-based research, program development and policy guidance on local, state and national levels to improve health status at the community level.

Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange

Enhancing law enforcement executive development and international cooperation for the provision of better law enforcement services and public safety through the protection of civil rights.

International Center for Public Policy

Internationally-oriented research, academic programs and technical assistance and training activities for developing countries related to economics and fiscal policy analysis

Nonprofit Studies Program

Fostering collaborative research on the nonprofit sector within the academic community

Professional Excellence Program

An exciting training track designed to target the training needs of DFCS staff

Public Performance and Management Group

Raising the level of dialog about performance improvement and by working directly with public organizations to improve performance and outcomes.

Usery Workplace Research Group

Researching the workplace, labor markets, education, health, and related areas.